Recordings to help you with mental wellbeing

The following guided meditations are available for you to listen to or to download for free. If you want to download, you will be asked for your password and a link sent to you by email. I may get in touch at some point to offer you the chance to discuss your goals and challenges in life.


When you are following these guided meditations, my suggestion is that you find a quiet place  where you won't be disturbed for the duration of the recording. Close your eyes, or keep them open, as you prefer. If you keep your eyes open, try to defocus your vision. If you want to use these recordings to relax deeply, you may find that lying down works best. Otherwise, find a place and a way to sit comfortably, ideally with your back straight and self supporting. Try to relax your body and follow the guidance as best you can. Be kind on yourself, especially if you don't find this as easy as you initially hoped. With time and regular practice you should notice positive change in your life.

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