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Tom Goldstein

Life Coach, High Performance Coach & Meditation Guide

Focusing on deep transformation coaching to support you in your challenges, transitions, training and ambitions. Originally trained in the co-active coaching model, I use a mixture of mindfulness, emotional transformation, value focus, embodied movement and cognitive methods to help you shift old patterns, move past limiting beliefs, experience more effective ways of being and thinking to allow you to move towards greater fulfilment, happiness and success in your life. 

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Natasha Yanovych

Personal Growth Coach & Mindfulness Teacher

I am a Mindfulness Teacher and Personal Growth/Career Coach. I help you achieve what you want while experiencing joy, peace of mind and freedom. I am hoping to bring more peace to the world by helping each person to be successful at what truly matters to you. I was trained by Oxford Mindfulness Centre and Co-Active Training Institute after a leadership career in FMCG and Pharmaceutical industry. 

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Sarah Watkiss

Nutritional Psychiatry & Mindset Coach

I’m a trained Dietitian & Life Coach, hugely passionate about the emerging field of Nutritional Psychiatry: essentially how diet impacts our mood and mental well-being from a whole-body perspective. With personal experience of depression and low mood, I know this field is one of the missing links to mental health & well-being. I will show you how to #eatyourwaytohappiness and overcome self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours that may impact your ability to change. 

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Kelly Griffiths

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist & Yoga Instructor

I've studied Mindfulness-based Hypno-CBT (the combined use of Mindfuless-based techniques, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnotherapy) at the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in London.  Cognitive therapies, CBT, Mindfulnes and Hypnotherapy have consistently been shown to be  effective therapies in  successfully working with the treatment of a wide range of problems from low mood, depression, anxiety and phobias and addiction.

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Winnie Chang

Energy Arts Teacher & Shamanic Practitioner

With over 25 years experience as a Yoga practitioner (since 1993), I have been immersed in learning from these ancient wisdom traditions no matter their place of origin. I am certified in teaching Shamanism, Qi Gong (Taijiwuxigong) and Yoga (500 hours) and have also spent considerable time on Buddhist and Daoist meditation retreats. I recognise the healing power of Nature and wish to help people realise their true potential.


Ted Toussaint

Behavioural Scientist & Body Language Expert

Human behaviour fascinates me, especially the way people connect with each other through nonverbal communication. Gestures, body posture, and facial expressions are extremely important in every interaction. Before we speak a single word, others have determined how credible, confident and trustworthy we are. By integrating knowledge of neurology and (evolutionary) psychology I help people to fine tune their nonverbal signals and interpret those of others accurately, which has a proven positive effect on their Emotional Intelligence. 

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